Liquid investments. High yields. Known risk.

Up to a 5% average projected return in 45 days*. Invest in verified invoices of local and foreign companies!


CHF 15.000

Expected return*

CHF 14.950

CHF 1000

CHF 500’000

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The rating an invoice receives and the discounts applied can vary due to the seller’s and related debtor’s current financial state. Projections are made based on historical figures. The actual expected return depends on the composition of your portfolio.1

Advantages for invoice buyers

  • High yields
  • Liquid investments
  • Easy and fully online
  • Low fees

Why invest on Hiveterminal?

High yields

Up to a 5% average projected return in 45 days*; with Hiveterminal, you can adjust your portfolio and expected returns by investing in SME invoices of your choice.

Liquid investments

Invoices are a highly liquid asset class that ties funds up for only up to 90 days. The average duration invoices are typically paid back by debtors amounts to 45 days*.

You understand the risk

Hiveterminal offers you a transparent level of investment risk based on real data from trusted global financial institutions like Dun & Bradstreet and Creditreform.

Full control over investments

You invest only in those invoices you choose to buy and earn. With Hiveterminal, you have complete control over your investments!

Cutting-edge tech solution

Due to our platform’s complete safety, flawless operation, and ease of use, you can fully focus on your investments - transparently and safely.

Growth in numbers


Companies registered


Invoice buyers

1.5+ Mio.

Invoice volume settled

Current invoice pipeline

How it works

Invoice scoring

Hiveterminal Invoice Scoring Algorithm© rates invoices based on real data from trusted global financial institutions like Dun & Bradstreet and Creditreform.


Invoices published on the Hiveterminal marketplace can be searched by criteria including invoice amount, industry, and rating class, helping you diversify your portfolio.

Invest and get ROI

Buy the invoices you want and build your portfolio to get expected returns. Your capital is usually tied up for about 45 days.

Factoring for invoice buyers explained

  1. 1. After providing goods or services to a customer and invoicing them, an invoice seller uploads an invoice to the Hiveterminal platform
  2. 2. The invoice seller is then offered a discount – which will be based on their customer’s current financial state and will include the commission. If they agree to the discount, their customer is asked to confirm the invoice.
  3. 3. Once the customer confirms the invoice’s validity, it is listed on the marketplace. When the invoice is sold – as Hiveterminal is both a platform and intermediary in the invoice selling and buying process** – the invoice seller receives money in their bank account right away.
  4. 4. When the customer pays out the invoice amount, they will make the payment to Hiveterminal directly and the money will be immediately forwarded to the invoice buyer. As Hiveterminal is an intermediary in the process, the identity of the invoice buyer remains confidential.

Since Hiveterminal acts as a platform provider and middle person, the invoice buyer won't be exposed to the invoice seller’s debtor.

We can help you automate your invoice purchasing. Get in touch with us today.

** Hiveterminal forwards the accounts receivable incl. the payment to (you) the invoice buyer. The debtor is notified and needs to confirm the invoice (Open Factoring). For the avoidance of doubt, under the non-recourse Factoring approach performed on Hiveterminal the invoice buyer bears the default risk of the invoice (accounts receivable).

Private blockchain

We use a private blockchain to map the invoice purchase as a smart contract - an immutable and decentralized invoice confirmation.

Rating categories

Hiveterminal rating
High grade





Medium grade




Lower-medium grade




Speculative grade




Highly speculative




Not offered on HiveTerminal
Substantial risk of default




Not offered on HiveTerminal
Default with little recovery



Not offered on HiveTerminal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who can become an invoice buyer?

Investing on Hiveterminal is available to eligible individuals or companies who wish to achieve high returns at transparent risk levels. Hiveterminal is currently not available to residents of the U.S. or the U.S. territories (Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands).

2. Is there a minimum or maximum investment cap on the Hiveterminal platform?

No, there is not. You can buy invoices for as low as EUR/CHF 100 or as much as several tens of thousands of EUR/CHF.

3. Who assumes the default risk?

Your invoice (accounts receivable) is sold on the platform under a non-recourse factoring scheme, which means the invoice buyer assumes the risk of default. Also, the actual expected return depends on the composition of your portfolio.

4. Do debtors confirm the validity of the invoices?

Yes. We require all invoice debtors to confirm the validity and parameters of all available invoices.

5. How high are the commission and fees?

As an invoice seller, you can receive up to 99% (minus a 1% discount) of the invoice amount at the time of the invoice sale ( depending on the credit risk of the invoice). To use the platform, we charge an annual usage fee of CHF 250. This way, you can sell as many invoices as you want free of charge.

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