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Hiveterminal: Stronger Partnership with Lykke & HVN/EUR Pair Announced

Gal Jakic
Gal Jakic Nov 4, 2021

We are happy to announce that Hiveterminal and the Lykke exchange have signed a new partnership agreement.

To make entry into the HVN ecosystem easier — through both the platform and purchases of Hiveterminal token (HVN) — we have decided to switch from the low-volume HVN/ETH pair to the new HVN/EUR pair. This will give interested parties an easier way to trade Hiveterminal tokens directly through Lykke and from the most widely used fiat currency, the Euro.

“Hiveterminal is committed to ensuring liquidity for the HVN token and its top trading pairs, this is good news. We are very happy to see the company move to Switzerland’s “Crypto Valley” in Zug; this is an extra motivation to build a strong partnership,” the CEO and founder of Lykke, Richard Olsen, said.

“We are looking forward to making Hiveterminal token more accessible to our users. The increased cooperation with Lykke allows us to do so and we must grasp the opportunities available to us at the right time,” Hiveterminal CEO Bonart Mati said about the newly-signed agreement between Lykke and Hiveterminal. He added: “We share many things with Lykke, including the desire for crypto to be a well-established, adopted, and regulated part of the business environment. Hiveterminal’s recent move to the Swiss markets has also brought us closer as we share the same country of operations.”

Hiveterminal and Lykke will cooperate on creating content and promoting it across channels, striving to make the Hiveterminal ecosystem more accessible to new members of its community and establish Lykke as a recommended third-party market for people interested in acquiring the Hiveterminal token. Both teams are committed to their joint goals and will continually strive to expand on the partnership offering in the future.

Lykke was founded by Richard Olsen, a distinguished pioneer in high-frequency finance. He has been laying the conceptual foundations for Lykke for most of his professional life. The company was established in Switzerland and received its initial seed funding in 2015. Known for high standards in compliance with financial regulations and a good UX, Lykke has served the B2B and B2C market segments in all possible asset pair types: fiat currency to fiat currency, fiat currency to crypto, and crypto to crypto.

Lykke stands out on the market because of its unconventional commission-free business model. The exchange’s architecture allows it to offer its users very favorable trading conditions: the trading fee is zero for both retail and API traders, while the buy-sell spread remains low thanks to the presence of market makers and inherently liquid assets. Offering cost-efficient trading conditions to HVN traders and investors is a priority for us. This is one of the reasons why we chose Lykke as the trading venue for the HVN community.

The exchange first listed the Hiveterminal token (HVN) in 2018.

The HVN/EUR pair has launched on Lykke immediately on November 4th 2021. For those new to Lykke, we will publish a full, click-by-click guide to purchasing HVN on Lykke shortly.

Stay tuned.

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