Hiveterminal: New Website, Branding for DACH Market

Gal Jakic
Gal Jakic Dec 24, 2021

As we slowly wrap up 2021, the year which brought many changes to the Hiveterminal company and product, we wanted to share a short sneak peek of some of the efforts we have just launched today.

By all accounts, Hiveterminal is a much different product today than the one envisioned in 2017 or even the one that gained traction with its initial customer base since. By entering the DACH market, and with all the future changes coming to Hiveterminal in the coming months, we believe it is wise to reflect on this new era in the company’s development with a modified look and feel to our branding. Our rebranding efforts started small and we teased tiny bits and pieces of it, such as the new look to our blog visuals. But, we eventually decided that a central part of our visual identity, our logo, should change as well.

The reason for this is by no means superficial: by entering the DACH market and considering the initial conversations we have had with potential early adopters of the product — invoice sellers, invoice buyers, and enterprise clients alike — we have realized that the business model that has been successful in Slovenia may not translate completely to the region. The development will bring additional changes, not just in the UX, but also in the fundamental principles of our product; the visual identity of DACH will be reflected as the new look for what could become a 2.0 version of the platform.

After changing our logo, we had to rethink many of the elements of our current website and conceptualize a new one, one that would be better at explaining the Hiveterminal business model. It also needs to offer helpful information to those that have been frequent users of Hiveterminal.

We are happy that with the help of an external development team we have managed to capture our goals. The collaboration allowed us to bring a fresh look and feel to our users while enabling developers from Kalmia, who have been helping us for a while, to make behind-the-scenes changes to the platform and focus on meeting future challenges outlined in our roadmap.

The importance of some of the new website functionality lies in the dynamic elements that help clarify Hiveterminal’s role in the invoice factoring process and answer some frequently asked questions. The pre-registration process for Swiss entities now ties into our CRM and streamlines the process of capturing leads. This, paired with the simple calculator component for invoice buyers and invoice sellers, will place more power in the hands of our sales and business development teams and the users who come to our website to find the relevant information they are looking for.

In the future, we will also wire up the invoice pipeline component to the platform so that visitors to our website get a glimpse into the Hiveterminal market and some details of the invoices listed there.

We hope you will enjoy the new website as much as we do! Stay tuned for the final article of the year, in which our CEO will announce the upcoming changes to the Hiveterminal business model itself.

Have a happy holiday and stay tuned.

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