Hiveterminal: New Social Media Strategy Announced!

Gal Jakic
Gal Jakic Oct 1, 2021

Hiveterminal is continuing its efforts to revamp all aspects of its operation. After the announcement of Bonart Mati as CEO of the company, and with the Swiss branch in Zug now operating as Hiveterminal HQ, we have now redirected our efforts, making improvements to the marketing and social interaction aspects of our company.

As you may have noticed, we are starting by slowly implementing changes to our brand image, as well as increasing our presence on certain social channels for more direct communication with our user and community base. The first hint of this is the change in the format of our blog post visuals which you may have seen recently, such as the one displayed above this paragraph.

Just this week, the team also set up a new LinkedIn channel, named Hiveterminal, which will now act as our main LinkedIn brand channel. Meanwhile, the current channel has been renamed to Hiveterminal Slovenia, and will slowly start to become more focused on efforts being made in the current Slovenian market. In order to stay in touch with all our announcements, we suggest you also follow us here and stay in the loop with all the exciting things we are currently working on.

For those of you who have been missing our presence on Reddit , we are happy to announce that going forward, you will also be able to read our news within the /r/Hiveterminal_com subreddit, and we will do our best to also engage in discussions that spring up organically within this subreddit. We only ask that due to potential privacy concerns, you refrain from requesting support outside of our support email.

We are also hoping to decrease our response time to the various activities of our users across our social channels, and we are looking to add tools that will help us manage this task faster and more efficiently.

Stay tuned.

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