Hiveterminal: Introducing Factoring Friday

Gal Jakic
Gal Jakic Feb 21, 2022

Building Hiveterminal is incredibly rewarding thanks to our community. Its members have always been willing to lend a hand, helping out and amplifying the content we write. We see support from our community whenever we publish news about technology improvements to the platform, announce our latest business cooperations, or unveil the vision our management team is putting in place for the company.

Our community has been asking us for more content, and we want to include members in spreading awareness of our business and goals in their networks and channels. We are working closely on this with Jeremy Storr, a well-respected member of the Hiveterminal community. He maintains our community-run website SoldOnHive and will help us make sure our social media strategy is translated fully into practice.

Still, we believe that an unbiased community voice is essential in our ecosystem, which drives us to strive for a better product daily. So, we wanted to make sure that SoldOnHive as a channel remains a fully community-run project with no editorial decisions made by members of the Hiveterminal company.

What Comes Next?

Starting this week, you will see more content on our channels, especially Twitter. We will reveal a brand new format, Factoring Friday. In it, we will explore the invoice financing industry and answer fundamental industry questions many newcomers have when learning about its potential to help them gain liquidity and growth for their business.

We appreciate all the support you have given us as we moved through our idea and crowdfunding stage, launched Hiveterminal on our test market of Slovenia, secured a VC capital investment, and moved to Zug. We are also thankful to have you on our team as we expand our services across the DACH region and beyond. Our goal is clear: we want to become the fastest and easiest platform to use in the invoice financing space.

Stay tuned as we continue building this vision into reality.

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