Liquid investments. High yields. Known risk.

More than a 5 % average return in just 45 days! Invest in verified invoices of domestic and foreign companies!

More than 4000 small and medium-sized enterprise users

High Yields

With Hiveterminal, you can adjust your portfolio to your wishes and expected returns by investing in company invoices.

Liquid Investments

By purchasing invoices, your investments remain liquid, as your funds are tied up for 30 to 60 days on average.

Understand the Risk

Hiveterminal offers you a transparent level of investment risk in real time based on real data from trusted global financial institutions like Bisnode and D&B.

Complete Control Over Investments

You invest only in those invoices you choose to buy and earn. With Hiveterminal, you have complete control over the investment!

Cutting-Edge Tech Solution

Complete safety, flawless operation, and ease of use.

Hiveterminal allows you to invest in the available invoices of verified companies online! The level of investment risk is presented in advance by a trusted invoice risk assessment, which is calculated in real time based on company data. You just have to decide which receivables you want to buy and how much of a profit you are looking for depending on the risk you are taking.

Don't miss an exceptional investment opportunity!

Who Can Invest?

Hiveterminal is available for investment to all who wish to achieve high returns at transparent risk levels.

  • Individuals

    • - Aged 18 or above
    • - Not a citizen of one of the countries listed here
    • - Have a bank account in your name
  • Companies

    • - Are registered within the EU or Switzerland
Become an Invoice Buyer

At Hiveterminal, you will find investment opportunities with different risks, so you can customize your portfolio to your wishes and expected returns!

1. Check the details of investment opportunities on the invoice market

2. Select an invoice with the desired return and pre-known risk

3. Invest in the selected invoice at a calculated discount

4. The payer transfers the full invoice value to your bank account

Investing in Hiveterminal gives me good returns at a known risk. I am more than satisfied with the investment, as the return is higher than those offered by alternative investments or bank deposits.

- Jane O., an Invoice Buyer

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Join more than 2,000 individuals and companies investing in invoices of verified companies through Hiveterminal!

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