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Maximum funding amounts and invoice ratings can vary due to a company’s and/or debtor’s current financial state. An accurate assessment of the invoice risk rating is given only once one is uploaded.

Advantages for SMEs

  • Liquidity within 24h *
  • Up to 99% of invoice amount
  • Easy and fully online
  • Low fees

Here’s why you should use Hiveterminal

Fast access to liquidity

Don't wait 30, 60, or even 90 days for your invoices to get paid if you can get money into your account immediately. Get liquidity today.

Up to 99% of invoice amount

Receive up to 99% of your invoice amount immediately. You will receive an accurate assessment when your invoice is uploaded to the platform.

Easy process; 100% online

Sell your invoices whenever it is convenient for you. The Hiveterminal platform is available to you and your company around the clock.

Transparent fee structure

We charge invoice sellers a subscription fee while invoice buyers pay a commission.

Hiveterminal vs. traditional factoring

The fastest way to get liquidity

In practice, this means that you immediately receive money that you would normally have to wait 30, 60, and even 90 days for.



  • Real Factoring
  • Financing without borrowing
  • Takes minutes
  • Fully online
  • No hidden costs


  • Typically a line of credit
  • Company debt.
  • Lengthy process.
  • Branch visit necessary.
  • High hidden costs.

Convincing growing numbers


Companies registered

CHF 3'800.-

Average amount

1.5+ Mio.

invoice volume settled

How it works

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Sign up and follow the simple and quick online user verification process.

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Upload a PDF of an invoice to the platform and provide related info.

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Once your invoice is funded, you will have immediate access to the money.

You can use our service for all your invoices. To reduce your efforts, our IT integration team is capable of automating the invoice uploading process for you - directly from your Accounting / Billing system. Get in touch with us.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. When will the money be transferred to my bank account?

As soon as an invoice gets funded on the platform, you will see the available funds in your user account. These funds will be automatically disbursed to your bank account within 24 hours on working days.

2. Can I sell unlimited number of invoices?

Yes, on the Hiveterminal platform you can sell as many invoices as you like and you do not pay any additional fees (besides the basic fee) on the platform.

To reduce your efforts, our IT integration team is able to automate the uploading of invoices for you - directly from your accounting/invoicing system. Get in touch with us.

3. Who assumes the risk of default?

Your invoice (accounts receivable) is sold on the platform under a non-recourse factoring scheme, which means the invoice buyer assumes the risk of default.

4. Will I receive the full invoice amount?

Besides the discount, which is deducted at the time of sale, there is no other retention. Thus, you will receive the full invoice purchase amount in your bank account.

5. Will my customer get notified?

HiveTerminal is a recognized factoring platform that helps you to manage your accounts receivable more efficiently and to assign or sell invoice receivables. This is a common procedure practiced by many companies.

In open factoring, your customer (the debtor) confirms the invoice to be sold. In silent factoring there is no confirmation by the debtor, but in this case HiveTerminal sets stricter acceptance criteria for invoice sellers.

6. How high are the commission and fees?

As an invoice seller, you can receive up to 99% (less 1% discount) of the invoice amount at the time of the invoice sale, depending on the default risk of the invoice.

For the establishment of the business relationship as well as the use of the platform, we charge an annual fee of CHF 249. Thus, you can sell as many invoices as you want - free of charge.

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